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Friday 27th November 2020

L.C. To identify, classify and use a range of prepositions.


What is a Preposition?


A preposition is a word that tells us where something is is positioned.  Prepositions are the words such as:


Over, by, with, under, across, through, 


Prepositions can indicate time.

e.g. in the morning, at midnight, during the film, on Friday


Prepositions can indicate position.

e.g. at the station, in a field,


Prepositions can indicate direction.

e.g. to the station, over a fence


Prepositions can indicate mean.

e.g. he travelled by car


Prepositions can indicate accompaniment.

e.g. she came with me


As you can see there are many different ways that a preposition can be used 


Write an example of how it can be used on your whiteboard.


Lets work together


If you are at home work with an adult and see if you can identify all 19 prepositions in he text below.


Now this is what you do in the obstacle race, children. Are you listening carefully? First you run towards the bath of jelly, then you jump into it, wade across it and climb out of the bath at the other side. Then you run to the string of sausages, and skip over them twenty seven times. Next you climb up the twenty foot pole, ride carefully along the tightrope on a unicycle, and abseil down the rope at the other end. After that you balance the bowl of tomato soup on top of your head, climb over the live alligator, and creep under the baby elephant, between its back legs. Then all you have to do is run backwards to the finishing line, carrying me. If anyone gets there, they win.


Now you have found them can you discuss what alternative preposition you could use instead. Discuss how this changes the sentence.


Task 1


Write down the prepositions from each sentence.


  1.  Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp inside the cave.
  2.  Cinderella left the ball after midnight.
  3.  Jack and Jill went up the hill.
  4.  Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall.
  5.  Goldilocks broke into the cottage.
  6.  The ugly sisters went to the ball.
  7.  Grandma hid under the covers.
  8.  Snow White moved in with seven dwarves.
  9.   Miss Muffet was frightened by a spider.
  10.  The cow jumped over the moon.
  11.  The little lamb went with Mary.
  12.  The Grand Old Duke of York brought the men down the hill after they had marched up it.


Task 2


Using 3 of the following prepositions write down 3 of your own sentences.


in, under, on, to, after, behind, inside, towards, between, near, over, out, along, down.


Home learners please could you take a photo of your English work and email it to Mr Hindman on Purple Mash.