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You have done a great job learning about the different features of a non fiction book.


We know that the contents page is at the beginning and helps us to find the information we are looking for and the glossary is at the end of the book explaining what key words mean.


We have looked at the different features you will find in a non fiction book like headings, pictures, information, facts ...


Why are non fiction books so useful?


That's right they are full of interesting and useful information that help us to answer questions.


Today we are going to be learning about asking questions.


Asking questions

Still image for this video

Let's look at this picture and think about what do we want to know.



Use the words  on the hand to help you to think of the question.

Asking questions

Now I want you to write 4 questions in your book.

If you are in school your English book and if you are at home your blended learning book.


First you need to write the date.


Wednesday 2nd December


Clue - capital letters and question marks


When you have finished send a photo of your work to your teacher.