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This week in English we are going to be looking at Non-Fiction.


First let's remind ourselves what non-fiction books are.

Fiction vs Non Fiction

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Let's remind ourselves of the features of an information book or non-fiction book.



We will be looking at these throughout the week.

Let's look closely at a page from a non-fiction book all about polar animals.


Look how the heading is in a much bigger, bolder font.




Look carefully can you see the sub headings?


What about the pictures?


I  want you to very carefully read the information about polar animals and answer the questions.


First you need to write the date in your book. If you are in school you English book and if you are at home your blended learning book.



Monday 30th November


Read the question, find the answer and write the answer, in a sentence, in your book.


1. Name one animal found in a desert?


2. What do polar bears hunt?


3. What are polar bears' feet useful for?


4. Why do polar bears need to look white?


When you have written your answers send a photo of your work to your teacher.