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Monday 23rd November 2020

L.C. To recognise and use conjunctions to link two words or phrases together.


What is a conjunction?


Here are examples of some conjunctions we could use:

because, although, so, and, until, if, when, then, but, before, after, while.


He ate his tea. He took the dog out for a walk.


At the moment the sentences are separated by a full stop. However this could be changed into a single sentence by using a conjunction. To do this the first we need to remove the full stop from the first sentence. Then we need to pick an appropriate conjunction


Which conjunction would be an appropriate conjunction to use?


For this example we are going to choose and. 


He ate his tea and he took the dog out for a walk.


Now choose a different conjunction from the list above that would also be appropriate to use. Put it into the sentence in your book. Make sure it makes sense.


Task 1


Using the table below choose the best conjunction to join the sentences so that the sentence makes sense. Write your sentences into your books.


I like to have a bath.

I go to bed.

It was snowing. We went outside
I enjoy running. I don't do it very often.
We played on our bikes. It got dark.
Amy was good at football. She was a great swimmer.
I got in the shower. I was covered in mud
David ate a packet of biscuits. He was violently sick.
You'll put on weight. You don't eat healthily.
I enjoy my pudding.

I have eaten my main course.


Task 2


Finish the following sentences by adding in the most appropriate conjunction.


  1.  I'm not talking to you __________ you've given me back my football.
  2.  We can either have strawberries and cream __________chocolate ice cream.
  3.  We had an idea to make a go-kart __________ we couldn't find any wheels.
  4.  Our puppy is only six weeks old __________ he can't go out yet.
  5.  You can only go out with your friends __________ you've washed the dishes. 


Task 3

Draw lines between the sentences and the conjunctions. 


Home learners please could you take a photo of your English work and email it to Mr Hindman on Purple Mash.