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You should have completed the History task before you start this one. If you haven't, go and do that first.


LC: To understand where people, places and periods of time fit into a chronological framework.


The learning challenge is a history one as we need to know where Darwin fits into History and what else was happening at the time. We are going to use our English skills of research and note making to find out more information from more sources. I want you to make notes under the following headings:


Early life and family.

This will include his early life, university, marriage and family


The voyage

This will include his journey, the places he visited, the plants and animals he saw and his work.


His later work and legacy

This will include his later work, his famous book and how he is still remembered today.


You are going to record this in your topic books. Leave enough space between the headings to make notes.

Look at all the following sources of information. You may also want to go back and look at the info in History. Also look at the Music lesson (this will really help).

 When you have done that your notes will have made a plan for you to write a biography of the life of Darwin. This will be used as assessment as we won't have helped you at all. Your success will depend on how much effort you put in. You are best not to rush this and may want to refer back to your English books as a reminder. When you start your biography, put everything away apart from your notes.