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Thursday 12th November

LC: To write an independent biography


Today, we are going to spend most of our morning completing the planning and then writing our biographies about the life of Mary Anning. Please make sure that your plan is complete, and you have enough information, before beginning to write your biography. 


Remember, the plan should look like the one below and should be copied up in your book. 

Before you begin writing your biography, please consider the features that you need to include. Find these below. 

Whether you are in school or at home, you need to complete your writing in your book. Please take care with presentation and if you have a printer at home, you could print some pictures and add them to your biography - like we did with the Walt Disney biography in school, last week. 




Finally, this will be an assessed piece of writing. If you are working at home, your teacher will need your book on your first day back at school. Your biography should be completed. Your teacher expects your biography to cover at least 2 pages in your book.