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English 10.00 - 11.00

Listen carefully

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You've almost finished your version of the original story now. Well done!


Today, Mrs Fernandes and Miss Rycroft will be looking to see if you can use a mixture of features you have shown this week:

  • adjectives
  • conjunctions
  • time adverbials
  • different punctuation marks

Listen carefully

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Aaisha ran as fast as she could. It was getting dark so she built an igloo, lit a fire to cook food and slept for the night. Early the next morning , she dug a hole in the ice to catch some fish before setting off for the day.

Finally, just as the sun was setting, Aaisha spotted a familiar tent on the horizon.

“Sister!” she shouted, as she ran as fast as she could towards it. Her sister was so happy to see her. She had broken her foot when she fell off a cliff. Aaisha took a flare from her bag and signalled for help. Luckily it was spotted by a rescue helicopter and they were soon hoisted to safety. As they headed for home, Aaisha told her sister about the great adventures that she’d had on the way to rescue her.

“We will call you The Great Explorer from now on,” said her sister proudly when they were safely home. “I wonder where our next adventure will take us?”