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English 10.00 - 11.00

Today, you are going to write the opening to your new story. Miss Rycroft and Mrs Fernandes will be looking to see if you can:

  • write in sentences with full stops and capital letters
  • use past tense verbs
  • use capital letters for proper nouns (names of people and places)
  • include adjectives to give extra detail
Let's read this opening together.

Aaisha's sister was a famous explorer. 

One morning, Aaisha was extremely shocked to see her sister on the front of the morning paper. Her sister had got lost while exploring the South Pole. Aaisha resolved there and then to rescue her. Then she bought a map, packed her bag and set off. 

You are just going to write the opening, remember you need to add the characters that you thought of instead of Tom and his Dad.

Write the date in your book, then the beginning of your story

Tuesday 17th November.


Please send me a picture of your writing by 11 o'clock

  1. The colours are there to show different sentences with capital letters and full stops.
  2. Look at how Aaisha has a capital letter every time it is written, because it is the name of the character.
  3. The story is written in past tense- her sister 'was' a famous explorer not 'is' a famous explorer.
  4. South Pole needs a capital S and capital P because it is the name of a place.
  5. 'famous' and 'extremely' are adjectives to give the reader more detail.