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Here are some pictures of different actions with the verb underneath. Your challenge is to identify the past tense form of each verb.


Let's look at one together:

What would be the past tense of the verb 'laugh'?


That's right... laughed!

Mr Duck told us a joke and we laughed.


Now let's try some more.

Choose two of your favourite verbs from the pictures and write a sentence for each one in your book using the past tense form.

Now you have done such a fantastic job of learning the story off-by-heart, it's time we started thinking about small changes we can make when we write our own version.


Think of some of the things you would pack in a bag if you were exploring the South Pole.


Here is the picture from the book to give you some ideas, but I know you will think of many different things.

Finally, complete the 2Do on Purple Mash to write a list of the things your character will pack in their bag.