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Today we are going to use what we have learned about adjectives this week to describe a new setting.

Mrs Fernandes says the tall trees tower above the long, winding path.


If you are at home, email your ideas to your teacher so they can be added to the Learning Wall in class.

Now we are going to use our story map from yesterday that you created on Purple Mash and the shorter version of the story to learn it off by heart.


If you are working at home, ask an adult to learn it with you. Remember to show them the actions. 

  • Every time we say and we make a plus sign
  • When we say but we make horns on top of our head like the 3 Billy Goats Gruff
  • If we say so we make the action of sewing a needle


Only make up actions for the key events. Don't try to make up an action for every word! 


It would be fantastic if you could email a short video of you learning the story to share in class.