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English 2

Thursday 25th November 2020

L.C. To understand and use the term preposition.


What is a Preposition?


A preposition is a word that tells us where something is is positioned.  Prepositions are the words such as:


Over, by, with, under, 


Prepositions links a noun/pronoun/ noun phrase to another word in the sentence.


Lets look at a few examples.


A lady with a long dress.


The preposition in the sentence above is 'with'. With links the noun 'lady' with the noun phrase 'long dress'.


Tom waved goodbye to Christy.


The preposition in the sentence above is 'to'. To links the noun 'Tom' with the noun 'Christy'.


Prepositions show us how one noun relates to another noun.

e.g Cat and table are the two nouns. Below are examples of preposition showing us how the cat and the table are related.


The cat is on the table.

The cat is under the table

The cat jumped over the table.

The cat walked through the table.

The cat headed for the table.

The cat sat beside the table.

The cat went to the table.

The cat walked across the table.


Task 1

Look at the picture below. 


Now you need to write 5 sentences in your books using a preposition. Here is as example to help you.


The girl is under the covers.


Your turn. Write 5 sentences of your own about something in the picture. Remember to use a preposition.


Task 2


Read through the following text and write down all of the preposition.  Next to the preposition write down the 2 nouns that the preposition links together.


E.g. Under - Girl and covers.


There are 12 more to find. 


The castle ruins were visible outside the window and the knight could be spied riding his horse towards the misty moor. The terrified girl huddled under the covers, knocking the goblet over, and spilling its contents on the table. As the curtains billowed in the wind, the dragon stirred on its cushion and raised its head with irritation.  Clouds were scudding across the moon as the thorny fingers of the peach tree clawed their way through the open window and into the bedroom. She trembled with fear.


Home learners please could you take a photo of your English work and email it to Mr Hindman on Purple Mash.