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LC : Use inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech

       Improvise, create and write dialogue.


The text below is incorrect.


The inverted commas are either missing or in the wrong place.


Your challenge is to put them back where they should be.


His wife wants to know where it came from.

He says where the wildflowers grow.

She says it belongs to the wild then

and back to the land it should go.



We shall use Seesaw in school.  If you are learning from home, then copy the text out and put in the inverted commas. Send a photograph to Mr Hindman.



Next, we are going to  write a character profile, using all of the evidence about them that we collected yesterday.


Let's collect together all the amazing verbs, phrases, conjunctions, inverted commas and write fantastic sentences about the character of your choice.