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LC : Use inverted commas and other punctuation to indicate direct speech

Improvise, create and write dialogue




Read the text below, identify speech within a passage of text.

Now, highlight the words spoken by a character and the inverted commas.

We will do the first one together.



Your turn. 
Using Seesaw highlight the text that is spoken and the inverted commas.  If you are home learning do this in your blue book.

We are going to practise using intonation and expression, using punctuation.

Read the text aloud to your partner or mum or dad.  Remember to change your voice to take on the role of the character.

Now swap. It’s your partner's turn to take on the voice of the characters.



The Green children.


Read the passage below and highlight the verbs.

Clac straightened his back, braced his aching shoulders, and grunted.


Sweat trickled down his face and dripped off  the end of his nose.  He licked his lips.  They tasted of salt.


Clac glanced down the long, straight swaths of corn, then rubbing the back of his neck between his shoulder blades, he considered the position of the sun.  But his stomach was his best clock.  He filled his lungs, cupped a huge hand to his mouth, and bellowed “FOOD!”


The other cottars heard him.  One by one they stopped work and mopped their brows. One by one they left their own strips of land and began to walk slowly towards him.   Their scythes gleamed in the midday sun and a very small wind moved over the swaths and whispered warnings to the ears of uncut corn.


Glossary - What do these words mean? 

Swaths of corn





Let's write amazing sentences using verbs (doing words) that we have found in the text.


Say the first, using Kung Fu punctuation, then write them.


Clack grunted because . . .

Clack straightened his back because. . .

Clack rubbed the back of his neck because . . .


Use the modelled sentences above to help you write sentences using the verbs in the text then extend the sentence by using ‘because’.


If you are learning at home, complete this is your blue book.  Then show it to your teacher when you return to school.