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Read the story below called ‘A house that once was’ written by Julie Fogliano and illustrated by Lane Smith. 

Published by Two Hoots.

Today our challenge is to:

Explore, identify and create complex sentences using a range of conjunctions.

Raise questions during the reading process to deepen understanding.



Conjunctions       because, so, if, although          when, before, 

                                                         after, while,

                                                         until, since.



Let's say these sentences together.  Remembering to use Kung Fu punctuation.



When the children arrived in the woods, they saw two people enjoying their lunch.



Before the children set off into the woods, they put on their wellington boots. 




After the family had finished their lunch, they went for a walk in the woods.





Now you think of the main clause, to complete these sentences.

Use Kung Fu Punctuation.



When the children arrived at the house

in the woods . . .            


Before the children set off into the woods . . .


After the family had finished their lunch . . .



What do the sentences need:

- conjunction

- capital letter

- comma to separate the main and subordinate clauses

- full stop

- does it make sense?

- use in a sentences

- use in a paragraph




Here is some vocabulary that we will see in the English Folk Tale 'The Greenling' by Levi Pinfold.













Discuss what the word means.

Can you say it in a sentence to show your understanding?









Still image for this video

Using the question matrix above, write your own questions about 'The Geenling'.


Use a different question starter every time.

If you are home learning, please complete the task in your blue book. Do your very best and show it to your teacher when you return to school so it can be marked.