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Today our challenge is to learn how to :


       Raise questions during the reading process to deepen understanding.

       Make predictions based on detail stated.


Look at the image below.

We are learning to ask questions to deepen our understanding.


Get your microphones ready and clearly say what you can see, using the sentence starter below.


I can see….


  I can see two pairs of feet.


Tell me more.


   I can see two pairs of feet, one has boots the others are bare.


What else?


I can see ….


    I can see an old house.


Tell me more…


     I can see an old house that has dark windows and trees growing out of it.



Now it’s your turn.


           I can see …..


           Tell me more …..


Now let’s try a different sentence starter.


It reminds me of …..


     It reminds me of the story Hansel and Gretel when they saw the Gingerbread house.


   It reminds me of the time when I got lost in the woods and I saw a derelict house.


Now let's look at the picture. What would you like to know? It could be anything to do with the picture.


I’d like to know if …..


     I’d like to know if the children are lost.



     I’d like to know if the children are friends or are they related.







Now use this image, using the same speaking frames can you ask questions about the story.


   I can see…


   Tell me more…


   It reminds me of …


   I’d like to know if …


Your writing challenge is to write a story opening for this image.


Remember to :

Say the sentence then write the sentence.

Use appropriate punctuation.