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Monday 28th September

LC: To chunk a text to aid planning

Read The Red Gate again and familiarise yourself with the events of the story. Try to identify the trigger of the flashback - what caused the character to have the flashback?


You will need a trigger in your story. 

If you are a home learner, you will need to plan your innovated story on the template on Purple Mash and send it to your teacher once it is complete. You are going to use this next week to inform your flashback story.

Monday 28th September

LC: To write a short narrative which includes a flashback


When you have completed your plan (chunk a text), you are going to write your introductory paragraph for your flashback story. You will need to consider the following:

- write in the first person

- this paragraph needs to be written in the present tense

- describe the setting by using a variety of simple, compound and complex sentences

- include expanded noun phrases

- include fronted adverbials for time, place, manner

- take care with spelling, punctuation and grammar

- indent at the beginning of your paragraph


If you are a home learner, you need to send your story opening to your teacher by typing it on the template in Purple Mash - My Flashback Story