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We are all working at different stages of our vehicle projects now.


If you have completed your vehicle, your task is to evaluate your work, saying what you like and what you wish you could have differently. You can do that using this 2Do:


If you have not completed your vehicle, you will be doing that today then you can evaluate your work.


When you have completed this task, or if you are working from home, your next challenge is to explore how cars have changed over time.


Click on the picture below to find out about cars from the PAST. Here you can click on the picture of the cars for more information. Take the quiz and see if you can beat Miss Rycroft's score of 7/10.

Now complete the 2Do:2animate drawing 3 cars. One from the past, one from the present and one from the future (this one is what you think cars will look like.)

Label each picture with the words PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.


Miss Rycroft and Mrs Fernandes can't wait to see them move!