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Easter 2

Focus Question: What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?


Jesus is special to Christians, he is described as a ‘light to the world’, someone who brought hope to the world.


What does the word  'Messiah' mean?


What does it mean to be a true follower?



Let's watch the story of Jesus choosing his first disciples.



Disciples of Jesus

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Discuss  - Why these two men thought that Jesus was ‘the one’.

What leadership qualities might Jesus have shown to them?



Who is Simon Peter?


He was a fisherman and probably worked long unsociable hours. He would have been a simple, uneducated but hardworking man – why might Jesus value these qualities in a follower?


Discuss  - What qualities did Jesus have that made Simon Peter and Matthew want to follow him and leave everything behind?



Hot-seat activity.


Imagine that your teacher is Simon Peter and they need to tell their family and friends that they are leaving home to become a disciple of Jesus.


What advice would you give? What questions would you ask?