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Early Literacy Support

Early Literacy Support is an intervention programme designed to raise attainment levels in literacy.  It is for children who will benefit from a more intensive programme of study in addition to the quality first teaching within the classroom. This means that the children undertaking this programme will still participate in all literacy lessons in the classroom but will also be provided with additional opportunities for them to consolidate key literacy objectives.

  • Reinforce learning of letters and sounds

  • Blending and segmenting phonemes to read and spell words

  • Reading and spelling high frequency words

  • Reading and writing simple sentences

  • Responding to stories they have read, by identifying characters, settings, and main events

  • Retelling stories in their own words

  • Finding information in non fiction texts

  • Putting events from stories into the correct order


This programme runs four times a week for 20 minutes and lasts for 16 weeks.

Children who would benefit from this programme are usually identified in upper Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2.