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Developing English Language

A lot of pupils can succeed through class based teaching with regards to reading and writing. However, even in a classroom where personalised learning is effective, for some pupils this approach will not be sufficient.


At Stoneyholme Primary School, these pupils benefit from additional small group or one-to-one interventions to enable them to make the progress needed to achieve their full potential. Additional, time-limited, small group intervention support programmes are in use within the school and are designed to target pupils according to their needs, accelerate their rates of progress and secure their learning. These may include the following groups:-

Time To Talk- Ginger Bear 

This program enables us to teach and develop oral language and social interaction skills to children aged 4-6.  Skills taught include, eye contact, turn taking, sharing, greetings, awareness of feelings, giving/following instructions, and enhance listening skills.  

The central character of the programme is Ginger Bear

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

This programme supports those who:  

  • are beginners in English;
  • have limited English;
  • are fluent in English but need support to make progress.
Therefore, breaking down the language barrier.

Meet Ginger Bear