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At Stoneyholme we have made a significant investment in ICT equipment to enable the children at our school to access technologies through the Computing suite, television studio, radio station and access to computers and the internet in every classroom.

Our aim is to provide an opportunity to every student in school to be confident in using technology which could be computers, laptops, iPads, cameras, video cameras and radio station. Facilities are open to every student during dinner time as well as after school.

Coding or computer programming is writing a set of instructions that a computer understands so it will perform a task.


At Stoneyholme the children start to learn about Coding in EYFS and continue to develop their skills and knowledge through to Year 6.

Year 2

In Year Two the children are learning to write a simple program and then test it.

Click on the children's names below to try the games they have created. 


Year 2 developed simple games as part of their Game Development Enrichment activity using Scratch Programming.

Year 3

Year 3

Designed healthy eating portions.

Young people also risk being exposed to content which is intended for older users when they use sites that are not designed for people their age’ Childnet 2018


We have strategies in school to support children in the use of social media. If you would like support with this in a home environment please come and speak to someone in school.