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Comprehension Tuesday 23rd February 2021

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Read through the following text twice before trying to answer the questions.


They put me in the oven to bake.
Me, a deprived and miserable cake.
Feeling the heat, I started to bubble.
Watching the others, I knew I was in trouble.

They opened the door and I started my life.
Frosting me with a silver knife,
Decorating me with candy jewels.
The rest of my batch looked like fools.

Lifting me up, she took off my wrapper.
Feeling the breeze, I wanted to pinch her.
Opening her mouth with shiny teeth inside,
This was the day this cupcake died.



Now you have read it twice, have a go at answering the following questions independently. Use the format that has been set up for you on Purple Mash. 


Please answer using full sentences.


  1.  R - What started to happen after the narrator felt some heat?
  2.  C - What word rhymes with 'knife'?
  3.  R - What was it decorated in?
  4.  I – How is the narrator feeling in the 2nd line of the last stanza?
  5.  C - What title would you give to this poem?


Home learners please could you submit your answers on by using the 2do template on Purple Mash.