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Comprehension Friday 12th February 2021

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Read through the following text twice before trying to answer the questions.


The little man in the dusty suit jutted out his bottom lip and nodded, disguising a smile. “Ah. Bullies. I see.” He wandered around from behind his desk. “What is your name?”

“Daniel. Daniel Holmes.”

“Well, Daniel Holmes, I know how it feels to live life in the shadow of a bully. We have that in common.” “Really?” “Mmm hmm. I’ll tell you what. You can wait in here until you are sure Spud and his gang are gone.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”

“It’s no trouble,” said the man in the suit. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have business to attend to.”

He turned and wandered towards a velvet curtain of rich, deep crimson at the back of the shop. As he reached for the curtain, he paused.

“Daniel, do you have a favourite animal?”

“Animal?” Daniel thought for a moment. “It’s a bit weird,” he said, “but I like magpies. People say they’re the cleverest of the birds. There’s a rhyme about them...”


Now you have read it twice, have a go at answering the following questions independently. Use the format that has been set up for you on Purple Mash. 


Please answer using full sentences.


  1.  C - What does the word 'jutted' mean?
  2.  R/I - What does the man mean when he said "We have that in common"?
  3.  R - True or False : The man said Daniel had to leave the shop.
  4. R - What is Daniel's favourite animal?
  5.  I - Why do you think the man stopped and asked Daniel's what his favourite animal is?


Home learners please could you submit your answers on by using the 2do template on Purple Mash.