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Comprehension Thursday 11th February 2021

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Read through the following text twice before trying to answer the questions.


“Who’s after you?”

“Big boys. From my children’s home.”

The man raised an eyebrow.

“You are an orphan?”

Daniel nodded.

The fire snapped and cracked.

“What happened to your parents?” said the man.

Daniel thought this was an odd question for a stranger to ask, but he didn’t want to be thrown back out into the street, so he answered.

“Dad was a fisherman. Died at sea. Mum only lasted a couple of years after that.”

This seemed to satisfy the shopkeeper. “And why are these big boys after you?” he said.

"There must be a reason.”

Daniel folded his arms. “Yeah, there is a reason. They’re goons. Spud and his pals think they run the home. They take things from the other kids – important things, like reminders of their parents and stuff. And nobody ever stands up to them. But I couldn’t take it any more. I followed them. I found out where they kept their stash. I got everyone’s stuff back and I explained that if the other kids stick together, Spud and his gang can’t get to them. Spud didn’t like that.”


Now you have read it twice, have a go at answering the following questions independently. Use the format that has been set up for you on Purple Mash. 


Please answer using full sentences.


  1.  R - What two things did the fire do?
  2.  I - Why did Daniel think it was an odd question to ask?
  3.  R - Where did Daniel's dad die?
  4.  R – Why were Spud and his gang chasing Daniel?
  5.  C - What does this tell us about Daniel?


Home learners please could you submit your answers on by using the 2do template on Purple Mash.