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Comprehension Tuesday 9th February 2021

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Read through the following text twice before trying to answer the questions.


“Where’d he go? Where is the wee weasel?”

“Must be up here!”

Daniel’s shoulders sagged. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. The air was infused with the jumbled perfume of furniture polish and dust, and something like melting chocolate. Then he opened his eyes, and for the first time became fully aware of his surroundings.


The shop was a cave of wonders. Everywhere he looked, Daniel saw something he wanted to pick up, to hold, to have as his own. Silver and gold and crystal gleamed and sparkled in the light of a spitting fire. Intricate wooden clocks and mirrors of varying size and splendour covered the walls. Tiny fish flashed like bars of copper in a glass tank. There were porcelain dolls and wooden soldiers; rusted swords; stuffed animals; columns of books as high as the ceiling; jewels that seemed to glow with a silvery light. A stuffed polar bear sat in one corner, eyeing the shop like a watchman. Even particles of dust, caught in a bar of sunlight, seemed to glow like stars.


Now you have read it twice, have a go at answering the following questions independently. Use the format that has been set up for you on Purple Mash. 


Please answer using full sentences.


  1.  R - What name does one of Spud's gang call Daniel?
  2.  I - How is Daniel feeling in the 1st paragraph?
  3.  R - What is the shop compared to, in the text?
  4.  R – How high were the books?
  5.  I - Where do you think Daniel is? Why? Use evidence from the text to help you answer.


Home learners please could you submit your answers on by using the 2do template on Purple Mash.