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Read through the following text twice before trying to answer the questions.


Alice thought she might as well go back, and see how the game was going on, as she heard the Queen’s voice in the distance, screaming with passion. She had already heard her sentence three of the players to be executed for having missed their turns, and she did not like the look of things at all, as the game was in such confusion that she never knew whether it was her turn or not. So she went in search of her hedgehog.


The hedgehog was engaged in a fight with another hedgehog, which seemed to Alice an excellent opportunity for croqueting one of them with the other: the only difficulty was, that her flamingo was gone across to the other side of the garden, where Alice could see it trying in a helpless sort of way to fly up into a tree.



Now you have read it twice, have a go at answering the following questions independently. Use the format that has been set up for you on Purple Mash. 


  1.  R - Why did the Queen send 3 players to be killed?
  2.  R - What did Alice go in search for?
  3.  R - Where was Alice's flamingo?
  4.  R - What was the flamingo trying to do?
  5.  I - Do you think the flamingo is being successful? What word told you??


Home learners please could you submit your answers on by using the 2do template on Purple Mash.