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Boxed-Up Plan- Teacher Model

The Roman Army


Original text

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Magpie Ideas


-Celts did not live in towns.

- Towns built to share Roman ideas

- for protection and place to govern

-Romans persuade Celts to build towns

- member of Roman Army hard life

-far from home, danger, tough training

- men recruited from whole empire not just Rome

Rhetorical question


Pronouns- they

First Section

Roman Basilica and Forum

- brought taxes

- markets held

- officials found here

-forum large paved courtyard

Life for a Roman soldier

- job to capture lands, guard them, control local people

- marched at night/ slept leather tents

- travelled huge distances on foot

- lived in stone or timber forts, barrack blocks

-one room, bunks for eight men, fireplace to cook, room for equipment, weapons


Technical words

Determiners- a

Second Section

Water systems

- high standard of hygiene

-built aqueducts for clean, regular water

How they fought in battle

- well-trained, organised – century (100 men) led by centurion

-advanced in tortoise shape, shields protected from attack

- fired heavy boulders or burning sticks from catapult

- took pride in skills, loss was unthinkable


Technical words

Determiners- a, most

Third Section

Impressive walls

- built around town for defence, to impress, use gates to enter town so people selling goods had to pay

What soldiers wore/


- Specially designed helmets- iron, bronze

- neck guard, cheek pieces

-body armour metal plates

Shields- thin strip wood, felt, leather glued

-short sword- 50 cm long

- daggers/ spears


Technical words


Text boxes and diagrams

Diagram of a Roman Town (plan) labelled places in town


Fact box: a word in Latin we use today linked to towns

Diagram of a Roman Soldier (labelled)


Interesting fact on soldiers in battle

Diagram: labelled



Text box heading:

Words, words, words or it’s true or You must be joking!