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Autumn Term 2

Our topic this term is

Shark in the Park


Year 1 will learn the Nick Sharratt story of 'Shark in the Park'. We will also been read a variety of other books written by the same author.


In numeracy we are learning number and place value,  calculation, measurement and geometry.


In Year1 we enjoy learning outside the classroom. This helps us to use our maths knowledge in a different setting.


  If we are working independently we are allowed to direct our own learning.


Year 1 are learning about the seasons and the weather that accompanies Autumn and Winter.

We are also learning about materials. 



We will consider the global significance of Remembrance Day. We will think about why people wear the red poppy. 



In Year One we are learning to stay safe on-line. We know that we need to keep our personal information private and speak to a grown-up if we are concerned. We are also using a programme to teach the children about algorithms.



We are learning about the similarities and differences between ourselves and others. We are considering the things that are similar and different among families, communities and traditions. We will be learning about the significance of the Christmas story to the Christian faith.

Because we are a school which respects the right of the child we know that everyone has the right to 'freedom of thought, belief and religion'

Article 14 of the Rights Respecting Agenda.



We are learning a variety of basic skills this term, we will then apply these skills as the year progresses. Our ICT graphics work is also part of our artwork this term.



The children are singing songs, making music and experimenting with ways of changing the songs. We are playing Indian Dhol drums. We are learning some new musical language as well.