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Autumn Term 2

Our topic this term is Veggie heroes. 


Year 1 will learn the Sue Hendra story of 'Supertato'. We will also be reading a variety of other books written by the same author. Within this unit of work, we will also be writing poems and instructions. 

We have been using phonics when we read.

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We are getting really good at reading! πŸ˜€

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Listen to this amazing sentence.

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We have been thinking of super sentences about fruit.

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We found a mystery carrot in our classroom! We looked at it closely with our big glasses on. πŸ€“

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The dinner ladies asked if we could write a story about some fruit and vegetables for them because they were feeling lonely. But oh no! Disaster struck! The vegetables and fruit were attacked!

Super reading

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Reading instructions

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We read the instructions, we followed the instructions, we put out the traps, oh no, the peas are on the loose! 😯 Phew, we caught them in our traps! 😊


In maths we are learning positions, number and place value with numbers up to 20, addition and subtraction.



Year 1 are learning about the seasons and the weather that accompanies Autumn and Winter.



Autumn leaves on our walk


We will consider the global significance of Remembrance Day. We will think about why people wear the red poppy. 


Here we are helping Mrs Davison out with her Remembrance Day walk.


In Year One we are learning to stay safe on-line. We know that we need to keep our personal information private and speak to a grown-up if we are concerned. We are also using a programme to teach the children about algorithms. We will be using the iPads to record sequences in Gymnastics and to take photos and videos when we are acting out the Christmas story. 



We are learning about the similarities and differences between ourselves and others. We are considering the things that are similar and different among families, communities and traditions. We will be learning about the significance of the Christmas story to the Christian faith and our focus question this half term is ‘Why is Jesus special to Christians?’


Because we are a school which respects the right of the child we know that everyone has the right to 'freedom of thought, belief and religion'

Article 14 of the Rights Respecting Agenda.



This half term we will be creating simple pop up Christmas cards linked to RE. We will manipulate paper and card by folding, tearing, curling and cutting. We investigate strengthening sheet materials and different joins. 

We will also be discussing the need for a variety of food in a diet linked to PSHCE and English. We will learn to work safely and hygienically to make a fruit salad and we will select appropriate tools to cut, peel and grate a range of fruit.  

Investigating moving pictures

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Investigating sliders

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Gingerbread Man slider

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This half term we will be discussing various topics.
We will be learning about what keeping healthy means, different ways to keep healthy and understanding who helps us to keep healthy. This will link to our Engineering topic where we will learn about food that supports good health and the risks of eating too much sugar. 


We will also learn about change and loss and identifying feelings related to this. We will look at hurtful behaviour (offline and online) and also identify feelings related to this. 

We will be taking part in the Right Start pedestrian training and learn how to cross the road safely. 

Here are some of our exercise posters. Which sports do we love?


We will be reading the story Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne and taking influences from the Handa image focussing on African art patterns. We are learning to draw a selection of lines and marks, invent new lines and create a pattern using different lines with a digital package. We will create lines that are dark and light and shade from dark to light and light to dark. To create different textures we will do this from rubbings. 



This half term the children will be singing different songs of the week outside.
For our weekly music lessons, our learning will be focused around two songs: Rhythm In The Way We Walk (Reggae Style) and Banana Rap (Hip Hop style). We will listen and appraise other styles of music and continue to embed the interrelated dimensions of music through games and singing. 


We listened to the music and moved in time. 🎢

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Groovy moves πŸ˜€

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Feel the beat!

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Feel the pulse

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Listen to the beat

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