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Autumn Term 2

During Autumn -Term 2, our theme is

What a Wonderful World




 During Maths lessons in Autumn 2, we will be following the 'Maths No Problem' scheme.


This will involve:

  • Multiplying and dividing whole numbers.
  • Solving word problems.
  • Interpreting and representing data in graphs and tables.
  • Dividing to make fractions.




Our Literacy focus for this half term will be persuasion text and stories by a significant author.


During the first 3 weeks we will be writing a persuasion text linked to our Science, which will focus on deforestation.


For the next 4 weeks, we will be reading and immersing ourselves in the story of Alice in Wonderland before writing our own.




This half term we are learning about the life cycles of living things.


The children will be describing:

  • The life cycle of different living things.
  • The difference between different life cycles.
  • The process of reproduction in plants and animals. 




We will be busy researching aspects of geography this half term. We will research South America by using books, videos, maps, aerial photography and internet searches. We will look at human and physical influences of different areas around the South America and made comparisons between these.




The unit we will be investigating this half term is Christianity (Church) with our focus question being 'How do people decide what to believe?' The children will be visiting a local church to expand their knowledge.




During art lessons, we will be studying the work of Henri Rousseau and will be creating a collaborative piece of art in pairs, incorporating the style of the artist in his famous jungle art.