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Autumn Term 2

During Autumn - Term 2, our theme was ‘The Amazon Rainforest’. Throughout the term, we researched information based around the Amazon Rainforest and wrote a balanced argument about the effects of deforestation.



In our English lessons, we looked at deforestation and its effects on the Earth. We researched arguments both ‘for’ and ‘against’ deforestation and wrote a discussion text about this. After writing our balanced arguments, we published them as a tri-fold information leaflet in our ICT lessons. Have a look at our amazing work!


In English another focus of ours was Stories from Other Cultures. We read and discussed a variety of of stories from all over the world. Following on from investigating many stories, we then planned and wrote our own creative versions. 




This half term, have revised mathematical concepts including; number and place value, calculation, measurement, fractions and decimals, statistics and geometry.





We have been busy researching aspects of geography this half term. We have researched North and South America by using books, videos, maps, aerial photography and internet searches. We looked at human and physical influences of different areas around the Americas and made comparisons between these.


In Geography, we delved further into one particular area in South America - the Amazon Rainforest. We investigated the precipitation (rainfall) of the Amazon Rainforest and compared it to the Lake District in the north west of England. The children analysed how much rainfall both destinations receive each month . We recorded our results on a bar graph by using a colour to represent the specific destination.

You may be surprised by our results!



The unit we have been investigating this half term is Christianity (God) with our focus question being 'What different kinds of writing and stories are important to Christianity?' The children studied the Christmas story in the bible and made comparisons between the accounts found in the gospels Matthew and Luke. 




During art lessons, we studied the work of Henri Rousseau and created a collaborative piece of art in pairs, incorporating the style of the artist in his famous jungle art.





Jungle Art

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Across Year 5 we worked collaboratively to create rainforest art in the style of Henri Rousseau. The focus of this process was to sketch the a rainforest in proportion to the page, which included decision making linked to the foreground, middle ground and background of the painting. We developed skills in colour mixing to enable us to make produce a variety of shades of greens and bright rainforest colours. After the rainforest painting was complete, we added animals to bring the painting to life.

Year 5 Rainforest Arts

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                                  Year 5 did a fantastic performance of the traditional hymn 'We Three Kings.'