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Autumn Term 2

Our first topic this term was

focused on explanations

At the start of this half term, we linked our Literacy, Science and Geography learning through our explanations unit. 




The children learned new skills when writing an explanation text.

These are opening statements, labelled diagrams, writing cause and effect complex sentences using conjunctions (such as otherwiseas a result) and using causal adverbs like thereforethough and due to.

Explanation Flowchart


Multiplication and Division


We are following the Maths No Problem Scheme and started the term by completing addition and subtraction, two step word problems. Followed by Multiplication and Division. This involved counting and multiplying by 6, 7, 9, 11 and 0. Later in the term, we learned to multiply and divide 2 and 3 digit numbers, using different strategies. 

The children continue to learn their times tables and their division facts regularly!


We will be learning about sound and electricity.


First, the children had the chance to investigate sound and learn how it enters our ears. From this, they explained how sound enters our ears orally before analysing a written explanation. This helped to immerse them into the explanation unit.  After that, they experimented with electricity using a range of components including buzzers, bulbs and switches to produce series circuits. They created explanation texts on how circuits work and how electricity reaches our homes.

Explaining how sound is made and how it travels

Exploring sound vibrations

Making series circuits


We learned about the country where the Romans came from: Italy. We investigated the human and physical features of this area, including volcanoes (like the famous Mount Vesuvius), mountains, coasts and ancient buildings like the Colosseum.

The children also wrote an explanation text on how volcanoes erupt.


What a busy and fun filled half term we had!