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Autumn Term 2


Topic - Light


This half term we will be linking subjects such as Science, Literacy, Numeracy and RE through the topic of Light.

As part of our adventure, we will be reading the Snow Queen where Gerda searches for her friend Kay across the wilds of Lapland meeting some interesting characters along the way. We shall use this to develop our own fantasy stories.


We will also be experimenting with Electricity using a range of components including; buzzers, bulbs and switches to produce series and parallel circuits.  We shall then be developing our own steady hand games and explanation texts for them.


We shall also be looking at how the Christian faith prepare for Christmas to celebrate the Nativity through the use of light in Christingles 



We have been looking at Explanation Texts.  These explanation texts explain how Danse Macabre is used to raise the dead


Danse Macabre 2010