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Autumn Term 1

In Year 2, the theme this half term is Healthy Living




In Literacy, we will be reading stories will familiar settings, our story to tell this half term is 'The Shopping Basket'. We will be retelling, acting out stories and writing our own stories. We will be researching what animals and humans need to survive using information books.

In Maths, we will be learning how to order and sequence numbers up to 100. Also, we will be learning our number bonds from 10 to 20. In addition to this, we will be learning to use standard units of measure for length, weight and capacity. We will be using words such as: metres, centimetres, litres, millilitres, grams, kilograms, longer, shorter, more than and less than.





These photos show how we used standard units to measure length and capacity.

Measuring length and capacity

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These photos show us investigating how numbers can be grouped in different ways using arrays.


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These photos show us investigating ordering numbers less than 100.

Ordering numbers

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 In History, we will be learning about how life is different now and in the past.

 We are going to find out things from the past by talking to an older person. We can't wait for our visit from the Grandma's group. We will be using words including: past, present, future, now, then, older and newer.


In Science, we will be identifying things that are alive and dead, and things that have ever been alive. We will also be investigating what animals, including humans, need to survive and why it is important to exercise, have a healthy diet and stay clean. We will be using words like: hygiene, microbes, nutrients, stamina and health. Ask us why it is important to exercise.


These photos show the fun we had in Forest School identifying things that are alive, dead and never been alive. Do you know the names of things we found?

Forest School

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