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Autumn Term 1

During Autumn – Term 1, our theme is

Companions, Achievement, Influence




During Maths lessons in Autumn 1, we will be following the 'Maths No Problem' scheme.


This will involve:

  • Numbers and their place value to 1 000 000.
  • Ordering and comparing numbers to 1 000 000.
  • Making number patterns.
  • Rounding numbers to the nearest 100, 1000, 10 000 and 1 00 000.
  • Adding and subtracting within 1 000 000.
  • Finding multiples, factors and prime numbers.



Our Literacy focus for this half term will be Legends and Recount (Ancient Greece).


During the first 5 weeks we will be focusing on the 'The Legend of Gelert'. Children will be exposed to this legend and will use this as a model to innovate and write their own version of the story.



For the next 2 weeks, we will be reading and immersing ourselves in the in different forms of recounts and using our knowledge in history to write a recount in the role of Pheidippides (Battle of Marathon).




This half term, our topic will be the Ancient Greeks and their influence on the western world. We will be researching their achievements and identifying how these have impacted our lives today. We will also be sequencing key events that happened in the Ancient Greek civilisation. The Battle of Marathon will also be a key focus, as this will help us o write our recounts in Literacy.


 Here are some events we have ordered on a timeline from the Ancient Greek times.


These are examples of two plans which were used to write a non-chronological report. 


 Here are some achievements of The Ancient Greeks.



Below are some of the non-chronological reports written by children in 5F based on the Ancient Greeks. 

 Below are some of the ways their achievements have influenced our lives today. 




Our key question throughout the year in RE is ' Where can people find guidance on how to live their lives?' 

This half term we will investigate Christianity (The Church). The focus question for this unit  is ' How do people decide what to believe?' We will discuss our shared experiences, investigate different beliefs and values and explore living religious traditions. We will create drama sketches from scripture in the bible.




E-Safety and Analysing Information


Children will be looking at acceptable and unacceptable behaviours online and showing their understanding through posters.




Our theme this half term is New Beginnings. We will be learning how to understand ourselves and others, recognising choices and influences and understanding where to find where to find advice to inform decision making.




This half term, we will be focusing on our drawing skills. We will be looking at soldiers in Ancient Greece and sketching these using prior learning and new skills taught.