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Autumn Term 1

During Autumn – Term 1, our theme was ‘Out of this World’.

Throughout this term, we researched information based around Space and investigated the solar system. We also indulged into the novel of Alice in Wonderland and innovated our own stories.


During maths lessons in Autumn 1, we practised the following:

  • Place value skills including: comparing and ordering numbers, rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000; and finding the value of digits in numbers. 
  • Adding and subtracting up to 4 digit numbers using the formal written method. 
  • Multiplying and dividing up to 3 digit numbers using the formal written method. 
  • Identifying 3D shapes and describing 3D shapes; working out their names, faces, edges and vertices. 
  • Identifying and measuring acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles. 
  • Measuring and calculating the area and perimeter of polygons and rectilinear shapes. 





In Autumn 1, we read the famous novel 'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. We analysed the text by looking at characterisation, the development of settings and revised the features of a narrative text. We completed the topic by writing our own short stories based on the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.


We moved on in literacy and learned about Explanation texts. We linked this to our topic of Space! 

AIW Workshop


This term the children learned about the Solar System as part of their science unit. We discussed and explored amazing facts about the solar system, the sun, moon and the planets.


We started by looking at the order of the planets relative to the Sun. We then investigated the distances of the planets in our Solar System relative to the Sun. 


During our investigation into Space, Year 5 visited the Star Centre in Keighley. The children experienced a virtual tour through the Solar system, collected moon rocks on the moon and completed an important mission in the mission control centre. Have a look at our pictures below. 





Star Centre

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A fantastic, once in a lifetime opportunity arose, where Year 5 had the opportunity to interview an Astronaut from NASA, Sunita Williams. This was an inspirational learning opportunity for Year 5, who are currently learning about Earth and Space. In addition to this, we completed an engineering activity which involved answering the key question, ‘If you were an Engineer, what would you do?. ’ We experienced great success last year with the Primary Engineer programme and hope to replicate this again this year

Sunita L. Williams (Suni) was selected as an astronaut by NASA in 1998 and is a veteran of two space missions Expeditions 14/15 and 32/33. She is currently training for the first postcertification mission of Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft – the second crewed flight for that vehicle – and her third long duration mission aboard the International Space Station.


Education: Needham High School, Needham, Massachusetts, 1983. Bachelor of Science in Physical Science, U.S. Naval Academy, 1987. Master of Science in Engineering Management, Florida Institute of Technology, 1995.


This term the children looked at developing their shading, sketching and printing skills. Using the illustrations from Alice in Wonderland by John Tenniel as inspiration, we learnt about the invention of the printing press to mass produce illustrations for books. 


Taking inspiration from Tenniel's drawings, the children then used shading techniques to develop their own character. The children used their character to create a printing block of their own. 


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Our key question throughout the year in RE is ' Where can people find guidance on how to live their lives?'

This half term we investigated Christianity (The Church). The focus question for this unit was ' What guidance to follow?' We discussed where we can find guidance and examined where Christians find their guidance. We created drama sketches from scripture in the bible and visited Hurstwood Church to interview Pastor John.

Primary Engineer visitor

Primary Engineer visitor 1
Primary Engineer visitor 2
In engineering we began to develop the thought process of creating our very own inventions. We were visited by a mechanical engineer, who discussed his job role and presented us with information about the process of our creations. The children's aim is to discover a problem that people may face in the world on a day to day basis and develop ideas to find a solution. Stay tuned to witness what our genius minds can come up with...