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Autumn 2


  This half term, the children will learnt about how to keep safe when crossing the road, how to be safe online and at home.  




The children posted friendship cards they had made for their friends. 


As we are a Right Respecting School, the children have started learning about their rights. This half term we have look at

Article 15: Every child has the right to choose our own friends.

We have created our own class charter and signed our commitment by drawing our faces. The children understand that they all have rights but in order for everyone to access their rights we must respect them and each other.

We made safety posters during 'Keep Yourself Safe Week' to tell people how to be safe when crossing the road as well as bonfire safety. 


Article 19: Every child has the right to be protected from harm. 



The children had to carefully rip tissue paper to make a bonfire. 

The children have been on an autumn walk to Thompson Park to look for signs of autumn and to collect lots of different coloured leaves and autumn objects. 

We have been doing some transient art using autumn trees to decorate. The children made their own autumn leaves using the stencils.



During Anti-Bullying week; we have been reading lots of stories about being different. We have been reading Elmer; who is a special patchwork elephant and enjoys being different.

We have been making our own Elmer's using different medias. 

We had a classroom full of Elmer's!!




We have been reading the story of 'The Colour Monster'. The main character; a monster is all mixed up with his emotions and each colour is linked to an emotion.


The children have been looking at what makes them feel happy, angry, sad, calm and scared. We have made jars for each emotion just like in the story.

The children made different faces using the playdough.

We looked at being calm and why it is matched to the colour green. 

The children took part in a yoga session to make them feel calm and relaxed. 

We had a visitor in Reception.....



The children were very interested and wondered what could be behind the door. We talked about what we thought it could be and why. 



The children decided it was a fairy behind the door. They made letters and messages for the fairy; thinking very carefully about the size of the letter as it was only a very small door! 

The children left their notes and letters by the door.


We received a letter from the fairy asking the children to show them where they live. The children went out in small groups with the fairies looking at the different features of Stoneyholme.


The children noticed both good things around Stoneyholme, the good things included trees and plants growing. But,there were some bad things too such as lots of rubbish! On return to school, the children drew maps of where they went and what they saw. 

The children dressed up as fairies and unicorns and learnt some ballet dancing with Miss Yasmin.