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Autumn 1



Newspaper Recounts

We began the term by learning how to write a newspaper recount. To do this we needed to know the features, purpose and language of recounts. We researched and made notes about our selected topic, which was the sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. We learned how to create orientations, reorientations and eyewitness accounts. 


The sightings of the Loch Ness Monster

Take a look at some of the children's recounts.

Year 4 Newspaper Recounts

Classic Narrative Poetry

Later on in the term, we read and discussed the classic narrative poem 'The Pied Piper of Hamelin' by Robert Browning. We analysed its rhyming scheme, learned to perform one of the stanzas using intonation, tone and expression and wrote poem reviews. We also started to investigate folktales and fairytales which leads on to our next unit in Autumn 2. 



Classic Poetry, Folktales and Fairytales Learning

Using the library bus


    Our learning in Maths consisted of understanding place value in 4-digit numbers. We looked at the value of digits, how numbers can be partitioned into their different values and how we can represent this in different ways. We compared and ordered numbers and rounded them. We also counted in different steps. Once we were confident, we learned how to add 4-digit numbers using the formal method including with renaming.

Our Maths Learning


 In History, we learned about The Romans. We looked at how the city of Rome began and how it became so important. We learned about how the Roman civilisation spread across the seas into different countries including Britain. The Roman Empire grew very powerful so we learned about how they organised their lives including their towns and their armies. Finally, we looked at what they left behind for us and why we still remember them.

We also investigated our concept question 'Is power always a positive thing?'

The Romans



What might a Hindu learn through celebrating Diwali?


We explored the teachings about good and evil in the story of Rama and Sita and learned about the importance of light in the Diwali celebrations, and how this is a symbol of good overcoming evil.


Digital Literacy

We learned how to recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour using technology.

We understood what computer networks do including the Internet and how they can provide multiple services.



 We learned about the different groups that make up our community and know what living in a community means. We learned about diversity and what this means in our community. We also understood what privacy means and what our personal boundaries are, including online




Mindfulness Monday

During Mindfulness Monday, we read the story of the Colour Monster and discussed our feelings. We understand that it is normal to have different feelings and all feelings are ok. During the week, we  experimented with different activities that we can try to regulate our feelings.

The Colour Monster.

Relaxing whilst listening to calming music.


 In Music, we  followed music sessions named, 'How does music bring us together?' We learnt the song Hoedown, joined in with movement and then learnt how to accompany the song with instruments.

We will also listened to and comment on music of different types and made our own musical scores.



Year 4 performing their graphic scores

Still image for this video

Playing Hoedown

Still image for this video


Invasion Games: Tag Rugby

We sent and received a rugby ball, moved into spaces to receive passes and travelled with a rugby ball with control. We used simple tactics to outwit opponents and applied simple attacking principles in an invasion game. We evaluated and recognised our success.