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Today you are going to consider your ASPIRATIONS for Year 6. Being aspirational is really important when thinking about personal goals and becoming successful in everything we do! 


But what does this mean?


Write your understanding of the word ASPIRATION by writing a definition for it in the first box on the template on Purple Mash (All About Me poster).


'I think the word ASPIRATION means...'


When you have done that, you need to fill in the other 7 boxes (with accompanying images) from the clip art icon at the top right of the screen. 


You could comment on things like your favourite subject, subjects that you find more difficult, what your skills are, how you need to improve, friendships and clubs/responsibilities that you would like to try. 


Please consider spelling, grammar and punctuation when you are completing the activity. When you have finished typing in a box, you should proof read it to check that there are no mistakes.