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L.C: To use textures such as layering.
Please complete the task set on Purple Mash

Use 2paint a picture to create a collage image themed around The Little Match Girl.

You can use blocks of colour for the ground and lighter colours for the sky and then draw your picture on top of the background layer.

Or, you can create a collage that shows the warmth from the flame or the coldness on New Years Eve.


Using the pencil and pen tools you can add finer detail over the top.

     and alter the size   





Make them thicker and then fill with the right colours that are in the The Match Girl pictures.  


You can find the colours on a tab next to the size  


Here is an example of how you can use eCollage on this tool to create a collage picture.


This collage picture shows the warmth and brightness of the flame coming from the match once it had been struck in the story.