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Arts Summer School Challange.

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Summer school

ART Challenge



Title -Walk in the park - (what puts a smile on your face and makes you happy when you go for a walk in the park)


It could be the sounds of the birds, the colours of the flowers, the light on the water, the feeling of the breeze on your face, the smell of the grass.


Walking is good for you, it’s healthy. you take in the fresh air and using your muscles to exercise.


Exercise is great for your body and your mind and can change how you feel.


A walk in the park can make you happy inside, put a smile on your face !


Consider the 5 Wells - Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Give.


So your Summer Art challenge is to

look around your settings, your local Park create a piece of art on how it makes you feel.


Follow the objectives below for your year groups.


Years - EYFS-1

Years- 2-3

Years 4-5...


Purple Mash will be used to help you achieve your work





EYFS / Year1

Take a photo and use that to inspire your art work

use Purple Mash 2 create -my simple story purple mash (paint) and make a story about your walk and how did it make you feel.



Use a Phone to take a picture - download photo to a PC then you can upload... adding images…on Purple mash.


Select 2 create or paint / launch app- background - choose file - find pics - select and open.


Attach all your work in an email on purple mash to Mr.Oldfield


Year 2-3

Take a photo for inspiration upload that along with using / art app 2

My story ( you need to include a background) and add a story of your walk


                   Background button


Attach all your work in an email on Purple mash to Mr.Oldfield


Year 4-5


 (Purple Mash)

Take a photo and upload it to use


 You can do some research into Impressionism and include some interesting facts, choose an artist to inspire your work.




USE -2paint a picture-

And select Impressionism




& finally for year 4 and 5 do an actual pencil drawing and take a photo and upload it.


Attach all your work in an email on Purple mash to Mr.Oldfield



Consider  -How your work will make others feel? –