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Anti-bullying week

Article 29

Education must encourage respect for all rights, parents, different cultures and the environment.


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During this half term we have been celebrating anti-bullying week. This years focus has been choosing respect. We have been looking at why people may be different and how we can respect everyone.


During a class discussion we recorded some of the children's responses.


"We have to respect everyone and their rights." Tahira


"You need to think about yourself but everyone as well. We are thinking about their feelings." Maleeha


"The rights are for all the children in the world." Aydhan


"We don't have to earn our rights and everyone should respect them." Maya


"Everybody is different for all of the people, it doesn't matter. We need to be fair." Uthman


"Our rights belong to us." Inabiyah


"Nobody can take them away." Alisha


"We need to look after everyone's rights." Tasnim


"We have the right to choose our own friends." Safa


"You need to be kind to them and share." Arafat

We each made a love heart for our friend.