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Academic Interventions


At Stoneyholme Primary School, children's progress in English and Mathematics is monitored on a daily basis by class teachers and at half termly progress meetings. Most children make excellent progress through quality first differentiated teaching.  However, for a variety of reasons,  some children may require additional support at times to help them catch up with their peers or to make the best progress they can. These pupils benefit from additional time limited small group or one-to-one interventions to enable them to make the progress needed to achieve their full potential.


A variety of intervention support programmes designed to target pupils according to their needs, accelerate their progress and secure their learning are implemented within school. Class teachers and teaching assistants who may be delivering intervention programmes meet on a weekly basis to discuss the progress of these pupils and ensure that each child is receiving the support that is just right for them.  The Senior Leadership Team devise a Provision Map each half term to ensure that children who need additional intervention receive the right balance of whole class teaching, additional support in class and small group or individual programmes for which they may be withdrawn from the classroom for short periods of time.


 The pages below describe the interventions currently in place.