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5F Afternoon Work

5F please complete the following activities this afternoon. 


1. Complete a quiz on MyOn and send your percentage score in an email to Mr. Oldfield. It is so important that you pass these quizzes as there is a MyoN challenge below that has been set for you!



2. Check your scores for AR from last week. Check what points you scored and how many words you read. To do this, you will need to check your emails. This information has been emailed to you.


3. Spend 20 minutes on TTRockstars and make sure you practice your times table that you are struggling with which Mrs Foolat has told you about. 

You should all be ready to complete a gig soon. 


4. Find the definition of these words:

Apparent -

Rhythm -

Occur -

Leisure -

Forty –

Equip –

Then write out 6 sentences with the word used in the right context.


Once you have completed this activity, send your work in an email to Mr. Oldfield on Purple Mash.