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5B Maths

Today, we are going to continue to divide using the bus stop method.

Have a look at the In focus question above and create some word problems which could be used for the division statement.

Now, lets have a look at a problem together.

Can this example work? Are there any jottings we could make to show that his could work?

If we partitioned the number 2528 like we did yesterday into 2000, 500, 20 and  8 – can they be divided by 8?

If the numbers cannot be divided by 8 can we try any other combinations so they can be divided by 8? Think about your 8x table.

Well done, 24 is within the 8x table so we can use 2400.

2400 divided by 8 is 300 so how many are we left with?

That’s right, we are left with 128. Can 128 be divided by 8?

Have a look at the example on the page above to show 128 can be split into 80 and 48 which 8 can be divided into.

10 lots of 8 make 80 and 6 lots of 8 make 48.

In total, 2528 divided by 8 makes 316.

Have a look at this word problem above which still uses the same numbers. This method now uses long division.  Have a look below to see how it works.

First, how many groups of 8 can you get from 2?

That’s right 0 so we put a zero at the top of the 2 and exchange the 2 over to the hundred’s column.

Next, find out how many groups of 8 we can make from 25.

That’s right, 3 lots of 8 make 24 with one remainder so we write a 3 at the top and exchange the 1 as shown below.

Then, how many groups of 8 are made from 12.

That’s right 1 group of 8 can be made with 4 remainder. Look at my example now.

Finally, how many groups of 8 can be made from 48?

That’s right. It is 6. So our final answer is 316.

Now, have a go at the Guided Practice below and use the long division method as shown above to help you.

Now you are ready to complete some examples on your own.

Complete worksheet 18 in your home learning book. Please only complete the sections shown on the images below.

Take a picture of your work and email it to your teacher through purple mash.

You will need to show your working out using the long division method. Remember to set it out correctly. If you are unsure go back and have a look at the previous examples.