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Summer Term 1





Our literacy focus for this half term will be Stories with Issues and Dilemmas and Discussion texts. We will be reading The Balaclava Story and exploring the dilemma which occurs in the story through a variety of Reading and Writing activities. 




We will be following the Stoneyholme Maths Scheme and continuing learning Number, Calculation, Statistics, Fractions, Decimals and Geometry.  

The children must continue to learn their times tables and their division facts regularly!


Art / DT



Children will explore the topic of Issues and Dilemmas further by creating their own worry monster using 3D clay.  

Also, at a later date, they will be creating a collage of environments which will link with our topic of Discussions. 





The topic for this half term will be Islam.

The children will have the chance to visit the mosque where they will participate in activities linked to commitment and belonging.




Striking and Fielding

The children will have the chance to enhance their bowling skills which will be applied to Cricket. 



E-Safety and Spreadsheets





In Science, we will look at classifying animals and plants using a key.

What different groups of animals are you aware of?




Economic Wellbeing

The children will learn about money and ways of living as well as how it is earnt. They will have the opportunity to learn about why it is important and how the cost of living is important.




What a busy and fun-filled half term we have planned!!