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Sports Premium

The government has provided all the primary schools with funding to help improve Physical Education and School Sport. In 2017/2018 the money will be spent in many different ways, including the School Sports Partnership programme: 


•        SSCo support with CPD opportunities including team teaching, mentoring of staff, delivery of                      INSET, action planning and reviewing determined by PE review

•        Full time SGO support and programme coordination

•        Inclusion support and competition/festival programme

•        Full competition calendar with links to National School Games

•        Access to three Change4Life Festivals targeting non sporty children

•        CPD course programme - access to LCC CPD courses through East Lancashire CPD offer including                  the new KS1 Scheme of Work, Orienteering and OAA

•        School Sport Coaching programme (30 - 40 sessions) including: Rugby, Multi-skills, Tennis, Netball

•        Developing Physical Literacy Programme or similar focusing on specific areas of the PE Lancashire                Scheme of Work (2x whole class support sessions, 2x feedback/planning sessions)

•        School Sports Crew and Play Leaders training

•        YTS (Youth Sports Trust) membership

•        PLT and Head teachers conference

•        Access to Bikeability training



The School Sports Partnership is headed by Helen Tyson (School Games Organiser) and is funded by  primary schools in Burnley. The aim of the partnership is to get all children involved in sport and give them the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned in a competitive enviorment.

Here at Stoneyholme we feel that the funding will help to improve individual skills, confidence, self esteem and attitude towards Physical Education. It is vital that all of our children have the opportunities to have fun and enjoy every aspect of Physical Education. As a school we have decided to use the money to:


•        Buy into the Burnley School Sports Partnership Programme

•        Provide professional development opportunities for staff in PE and sport

•        Buy quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and Sport

•        Enhance Enrichment activities

•        Further develop our outdoor equipment

•        Buy into the Tots on Tyres and Bikeability schemes



Our targets for 2017/18