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School Council 2016 - 17

New Bathrooms with the latest Technology!


The children are loving our new bathrooms here at Stoneyholme Primary School. All 6 bathroom areas now have the latest non touch technology! The flush, the taps, the soap dispenser and the lights all work from a sensor!

It had been discussed by the school council that some children were often afraid to use the toilets before, as they were quite dark and paper towels would often block the toilets and cause many problems.

The School Council members met with Mrs Davison and came up with many ideas to deal with this problem. The School Councillors were then given the opportunity to design the new bathroom areas including the new brighter colours!

The children are much happier using the toilet facilities.



New Playground Equipment for All


Our School Council have been extremely busy this year obtaining new playground equipment.

It was decided after the school councillors discussed with their class, ideas to improve our school. The councillors then put together a short presentation on the benefits that physical and social activities can have on individual's learning to present to the School Governors, along with some costing's the children put together after sourcing through various magazines. 

The children were successful in getting their order approved and they are really looking forward to enjoying the new equipment that has been purchased.

Meet this year's school council