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Welcome to Reception!

Meet the teachers who are working with your child.

Picture 1 Mrs Hall
Picture 2 Miss Bradshaw
Picture 3 Miss Lawson
Picture 4 Mrs Khanam
Picture 5 Mrs Khatun
Picture 6 Mrs Hameed
Picture 7 Mrs Khan

Things to remember:


  • Remember your book bag- don't forget to get your reading record signed.

  • PE is on Tuesday afternoon.

  • Please attend school everyday. We want our class to have the best attendance in school and win the prize! 



Children can change their books every day so you can practise their reading every night. Children also need to use their spelling card to practise reading and writing the tricky words so they can gain bronze silver and gold stickers.
If they read their book every school night for 10 minutes and have 10 minutes a week practising their tricky words that's 1 hour of homework every week!!!!


See how your child is getting on with their homework below.