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Autumn Term 2

Ruthless Romans

Our Autumn 2 theme is Ruthless Romans.

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Our literacy focus for Autumn 2 will be looking at the narrative structure; developing settings and discussions which will be linked to our history topic where we will be looking at The Celts/The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. 



We will start the new half term by revising basic number work and calculations involving: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We will also continue to make a big effort with continuing to learn our times tables.



As mentioned above, we are looking at The Celts/The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, in our History topic. This will include exploring the Celts and their settlements in Britain and the Roman Invasion. We are hoping to visit Ribchester Roman Museum and organise a visit from a Roman Centurion.  


Art and DT

In Art we will be developing basic drawing and painting skills leading up to making Roman Shields to take outside to replicate the Roman Invasion.  We will also be developing our skills in Design Technology where we will be making soup and baking bread. 




In Science, we will be investigating light and shadows. We will carry out a scientific investigation looking at how an opaque object can affect the size of a shadow, depending on the distance from a light source. We will also visit the Museum of Science and Industry, in Manchester, and take part in a workshop about ‘light’.



Roman Visitor


Year 3 was visited by a Citizen of Rome. He told us about life in the Roman Army, Roman Bath Houses and about life living as a Roman citizen.