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Autumn Term 1

Ruthless Romans!

Our topic this term will be Ruthless Romans. The children will be exploring the Celts and their settlements in Britain, prior to the Roman invasion. They will use a variety of primary and secondary sources to support their learning and will embark on a number of outside the classroom learning opportunities. 




Play Scripts

To begin the year, the children will be learning about a new type of text, play scripts. The children will learn new vocabulary such as intonation, action, tone, volume, and dialogue. They will be able to identify the purpose of new features such as dialogue without speech marks and stage directions. 


Non- Chronological Report 

Building on our learning in history, the children will begin to gather information to produce their own non-chronological report about The Romans. 



We will begin the year by revising the simple rules of number work. Place value and the number system will be our focus as well as beginning to revisit other mathematical concepts such as measurement, geometry and calculation. The children will be introduced to Place Value counters and how to use them to support our understanding of number and place value and calculations. 




In Geography, Year 3 will be exploring the counties and the cities of the U.K. We will build on our learning in Year 2, identifying and describing the human and physical characteristics of major cities in the U.K and comment on features such as hills, mountains, coasts, rivers and land use patterns. 



In History, Year 3 will be linking much of our learning to our topic Ruthless Romans! The children will be able to learn about the Romans through different learning opportunities both in and outside the classroom. We will learn about The Celts (those who came before the Romans) and The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. Year 3 will also learn about and have the opportunity to experience Celtic life and life in a settlement in Britain. The children will also learn about the Roman invasion on Britain and resistance by Claudius and Bouddica. 



The children in Year 3 will have P.E twice a week. P.E will take place in school on Monday afternoons and Thursday Mornings. This half term the children will be taking P.E outside and will be focusing on Invasion Games. 



Every Friday afternoon all children have the opportunity to develop new skills and experiences through enrichment. Every activity aims to improve one of our learning muscles and help us in our daily learning in school. 


Class Enrichment Activity BLP Muscle
3C LegoCity We Do Reasoning
3W Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Imagining