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At Stoneyholme Community Primary School we are dedicated to improving attendance and punctuality throughout the whole school. Our target attendance is 97% and above.


For our children to achieve the greatest benefit from their education, it is vital that they attend school everyday and on time. We know that good attendance is the key to successful schooling and we know that all our pupils can be as outstanding as Ofsted has deemed our school, and attendance is a major factor to this outcome making Stoneyholme CP School the only primary school in Burnley to achieve 'Outstanding'.


Why regular attendance is so important?

Any absence will affect your child's schooling and become a barrier to their learning, as well as the routines of their class and that of their classmates. Ensuring your child's attendance at school is your legal responsibility and permitting absence from school without a good reason creates an offence in law which could lead to prosecution (Penalty Notice or a criminal record).


Getting to school on time!


8.50am All unit doors open for all children.

8.55am All unit doors close so the children need to wait with the Attendance Officer at the gate who will take them to class. These children will get a late mark.


Children will receive a late mark when the child arrives to school between 8.55am-9.30am for the morning session (or after 1.15pm for the afternoon). Any lateness after 9.30am is marked as late after registration is closed, which is an unauthorised absence that can lead to a Penalty Notice (refer to the Penalty Notice link at bottom of the page).


Any child who is late twice in an week the parents will receive a late covering letter alongside the child's attendance the following week and their punctuality will be monitored. If the child then continues to be late on a regular basis, the parents will be called in to see a member of the Pastoral Team which could further lead to a meeting with the Headteacher and possibly other agencies, if needed.


Illness and absence


-All parents must notify school of their child's absence before 8.50am, if school is not notified then call's are made to parents to determine reason for the absence (1st day calling/Safeguarding).

-If contact is not made straight away, we will continue to ring parents contact numbers up till 10am and a home visit will follow, in order to attain the reason for child’s absence. If there are attendance or punctuality issues already in place for a child, a home visit by the Attendance Officer will be carried out if needed.

-If no reason has been received by the first day then the parent will be challenged on the absence, possibly with evidence if required.

-If the child is still absent on day three, 3rd day callings will follow for an update and parents will be offered further support/advice. Evidence for the lengthy absence may be required in the form of a medical appointment, medication or via a home visit by the Attendance Officer.

- If any absence is doubted for authorisation by the Attendance Officer due to possible contradicting evidence received, then she will unauthorised the absence after consulting the Head teacher and parents will be notified via a letter.


Unauthorised absence

School will not authorise absence due to:

  • a shopping trip
  • a family celebration eg. birthdays, weddings, etc
  • dropping off or picking up relatives from the airport
  • truancy
  • visiting relatives
  • looking after family members
  • family holidays


-All non important medical/dental appointments are encouraged to be made outside of school hours for minimum disruption in your child's school day and in their learning. If there is to be an unavoidable/emergency appointment in school time evidence will be required to authorise the absence and where possible parents to notify school of the appointment in advance.


Persistant Absenteeism

1) Any child with attendance level below 90% is considered a PA (Persistant Absentee) or if there are continuous punctuality issues, they will be invited into school for a Unit Meeting towards the end of the half term.

2) If attendance does not start to improve by the following term parents will receive home visits addressing the issue, and their attendance will continue to be monitored which could result in more frequent home visits for every time the child is absent and possibly an Attendance Contract between the school and the parents.

3)This will then further follow with an Attendance Panel being held in school which will be led by a LCC representative and Headteacher if no improvement is made, or if the attendance is below 80%. In the case where the attendance is below 80%, steps 1 & 2 may be skipped going straight to step 3, which could result in a referral to PAST (Pupil Access Support Team) who will further monitor and carry out home visits when required.


Strategies to improve attendance and PA support

We have a number of strategies in school to encourage your child's attendance and punctuality:

  • reward charts which lead to weekly prizes
  • bronze, silver and gold certificates for termly 100% attendance
  • End of year 100% Attendance Trip
  • We host a 'Star of the Week' competition where the class(es) with 100% attendance receives £5, and if the class(es) achieved 100% attendance and punctuality they receive £10 weekly. This money accumulates and is spent by the classes at the end of the school year , on anything the class decides they would like to spend it on. This could be a class trip, a class pet or more.
  • Interschool Competition with our neighbouring schools on a weekly basis (displayed on the website).
  • Sparkle box-where the child can pop their name in a box located in every class, which only the Pastoral Team will pick up and speak to the child 1 to 1 to determine what is worrying them.
  • Supporting the child in and out of class, and their family if needed.



Leave in Term Time (Holidays)

We at Stoneyholme Community Primary School do not authorise any leave in term, therefore it is important that parents understand that leave in term time will NOT be agreed by us at any time, unless there are exceptional circumstances which only the Head teacher can authorise (see our Attendance Policy and Penalty Notice link at bottom of the page).

There are enough school holidays in an acaedemic year to go on family holidays, and we encourage you to use this time for trips. As a parent it is your legal responsibility to send your child to school and it is in your hand's that their educational future lies by sending them to school everyday, in order to get the very best results from their time in school and set your child up for the future.


As a school we monitor your child’s attendance/punctuality daily and it is vital that they come to school every day and on time in order to get the most they possibly can from their learning whilst at our school. We understand this is not possible without your support, therefore we are there for you if you need any help or support in getting your child to school, please feel free to speak to a member of our Pastoral Team/Attendance Officer. With regards to Persistant absentees we encourage you to speak to a member of staff in school as there could be a number of reason why your child may avoid coming to school such as bullying, struggling with their school work or issues with their friends, etc. Advice and support is available in school for the child and family eg. Breakfast Club, parental groups, family support, advice on routines in the home, learning mentor support, etc.





Attendance for the whole year at Stoneyholme School.


Thanks to all parents for getting the children into school everyday and on time.

We hope to do even better this academic year, but without your help this will not be possible.



2017-2018 (currently)






Attendance Winners of the Week

Every week we announce in assembly which class has had the best attendance out of the whole school.

Week beginning: 02/02/18




Well Done!







Whole School's Weekly Attendance







Interschool Attendance Competition (July 2017)

Stoneyholme - 96.6%

Barden - 96.1%

Walverden - 95.3%

Cherry Fold - 95%






We would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all parents who have been sending their children to school everyday and on time. We could not possibly do this without your

help and co-operation.

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Breakfast Club
Breakfast club begins at 8am where children can enjoy a healthy nutritious breakfast before school begins. We focus on good eating habits, good manners and positive relationships. We offer a huge thankyou to Sainsbury'swho supports the running of our breakfast club.
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