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2015 - 16

The government has provided all the primary schools with funding to help improve Physical Education and School Sport. In 2016/2017 the money will be spent in many different ways, including the School Sports Partnership programme:


• SSCo support with CPD opportunities including team teaching, mentoring of staff, delivery of INSET, action planning and reviewing determined by PE review

• Full time SGO support and programme coordination

• Inclusion support and competition/festival programme

• Full competition calendar with links to National School Games

• Access to three Change4Life Festivals targeting non sporty children

• CPD course programme - access to LCC CPD courses through East Lancashire CPD offer including the new KS1 Scheme of Work, Orienteering and OAA

• School Sport Coaching programme (30 - 40 sessions) including: Rugby, Multi-skills, Tennis, Netball

• Developing Physical Literacy Programme or similar focusing on specific areas of the PE Lancashire Scheme of Work (2x whole class support sessions, 2x feedback/planning sessions)

• School Sports Crew and Play Leaders training

• YTS (Youth Sports Trust) membership

• PLT and Head teachers conference

• Access to Bikeability training



The School Sports Partnership is headed by Helen Tyson (School Games Organiser) and is funded by primary schools in Burnley. The aim of the partnership is to get all children involved in sport and give them the opportunity to showcase the skills they have learned in a competitive enviorment.

Here at Stoneyholme we feel that the funding will help to improve individual skills, confidence, self esteem and attitude towards Physical Education. It is vital that all of our children have the opportunities to have fun and enjoy every aspect of Physical Education. As a school we have decided to use the money to:


• Buy into the Burnley School Sports Partnership Programme

• Provide professional development opportunities for staff in PE and sport

• Buy quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and Sport

• Enhance Enrichment activities

• Further develop our outdoor equipment

• Buy into the Tots on Tyres and Bikeability schemes



Our targets for 2016/2017


• The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity – kick-starting healthy active lifestyles:

Develop daily health initiative

Maintain extra curricular programme:1 club per year per night

Increase numbers attending C4L club in KS1: targeting girls and overweight

Improve physical literacy at KS1: Skills2Play programme

Establish sports crew with SSCo support

• The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement:

Aim to achieve School Games Gold standard,with SSCo support

Improve communications with parents regarding sporting achievements:newsletter and website

• Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport:

Access CPD course programme

Access National Governing Body courses

Class teacher working with targeted groups,alongside sports coach

Develop OAA:orienteering. Specialist coach to work alongside class teacher

Access specialist coaches to work alongside class teachers:dance and cricket

Develop opportunities for pupils to “learn to lead “in lessons,with SSCo support

SSCo to provide support with curricular,extra curricular,policies and national initiatives

increased participation in competitive sport

• Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils:

Access coaches to widen extra curricular programme: Burnley Leisure,rugby

Enrichment programme offers new sports: KS2 martial arts,skiing. KS1:balanceability

Offering extra curricular clubs in a wider variety of sports:basketball,dance

Additional school staff providing extra curricular clubs. These staff given guidance/support

Train an increased number of sports leaders to run lunchtime activities

• Increased participation in competitive sport:

Maintain existing L2 programme

Extend range of competitions entered:Dance,gymnastics

Increase number of SEND events entered

Develop L1 competition,focussing on KS2. ! event per half term


For a detailed breakdown of the Sports Premium Action Plan click here:

2015/16 Impact Report




Work towards and achieve the Sainsbury’s School Games Silver Award.


- provide all students with two hours of physical education and school sport per week (made up of curricular and

extracurricular activity);

-engage at least 35% of students (10% for special schools) in extracurricular sporting activity every week;


Use the School Games formats to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to take part in the appropriate level of competition. NB boys only or girls only for single-sex schools;

Silver kite Mark achieved in July 2016

Introduce school houses for sport through the sports crew, using groups already formed for Scouting.



Due to unforeseen circumstances, scouting UK is no longer a partner agency with school.

BLP is now used in the planning and assessment of enrichment/extracurricular activity. Houses haven’t been a high priority due to embedding the new assessments.

Develop internal school sports competitions, ensuring all children take part in at least one competition 2015/16.



All children to take part in lunchtime and after school sport/competitions

98.5% KS2 and 95% KS1 have experienced informal school sport/competitions. This will be extended into 2016/17 on Thursday afternoons in a more strategic offer.

Promote school sports to parents, increasing family participation. Match and competition reports to be published on the website, radio and in the local press.


All parents to be invited to sporting fixtures.

Sports crew to attend competitions to compile reports.

High numbers of parents seen at all home fixtures (football, orienteering) however, still very low numbers at games away from school. Parents taking part in parent/child clubs including rounders’.

Match reports have been trialled at some competitions and will become more formalised through 2016/17

Increase awareness and range of physical activity for SEN/Disability and attend at least 2 competitions.


Burnley Schools Sports Partnership events programme offers competitions and events for SEN and Disability pupils.

Eight pupils attended two SEN/Disability competitions held at Sir John Thursby. This increased our pupils confidence and self esteem

Increase sports participation in particular after school and competitively.





Providing a wider variety of early morning, lunchtime and afterschool clubs for both KS1 and KS2.

Increase the number of competative events attended by a higher percentage of children e.g. SEN, girls and B teams

Afterschool clubs in place every night for KS1 and KS2, offering a mixture of sports.

Attended 23 L2 competitions and 1 SEND competition. Also took part in 3 B team competitions

4 extra-curricular clubs for KS1 per week and 4 for KS2

Sports leaders worked with KS1 pupils at lunchtimes

Girls were targeted to attend extra-curricular activities and this worked well

Rise in standard of teams participating in L2 competitions

Implemented the policy that all pupils had to take part in 1 PE club at lunchtimes per week

Introduce bike ability across years 5 & 6 (preferably with an external coach).


All pupils in year 5 & 6 had the opportunity to attend the level 1 and level 2 bikeability courses which was held over two days.

A total of 30 children attended the bikeability course.

Up skilling staff with a focus on sports leaders across a wider range of sports and physical activity e.g. Strictly Primary Dance and Youth Sports trust subject leader training.



Access CPD course programme through Burnley Sports Partnership

PLT undertook L5 PE specialism course

Assessment based on core tasks was used in all years.

PLT attended KS1 scheme of work course.

PLT accessed BSP meetings to keep up to date with new guidance and legislation with regards to school sport.

1:1 liaison with school games organiser from BSP working through sports leader training, fixtures and action planning. Also assisted with hosting competitions at Stoneyholme.


Develop Year 2 games curriculum: Net/Wall, Striking/Fielding and Invasion games

Teach Net/Wall, Striking/Fielding and Invasion games to all pupils in year two (from the curriculum). Assessment will be based on the core task.

The new curriculum plan for year 2 was well received by all pupils. The pupils really engaged during the Striking/Fielding block of work.

Continue to develop the assessment programme and embed assessment for KS1 Fundamental Movement Skills.


Assess all pupils on core tasks from the curriculum.


KS1 pupils will all be assessed on Fundamental Movement skills. This includes:

Running, Hopping, Skipping, Throwing (over and under arm), Kicking and jumping. We will find out if the pupils have mastered, immature, matured or need to develop.

Assessment based on core tasks from the curriculum was used in all years throughout school.

Pupils are taught a range of skills throughout a six week block and then are assessed on the 7th week from the core task using:-

Blue: exceeding expectation

Green: achieving expectation

Red: below expectation




Running sport competitions, or increasing pupils participation in the school games organised by School Sports partnership –

Target of attending 22 level 2 competitions

Competitions are organised by Burnley Sports Partnership, and school indicates which they take part in.

Meet with middle leader for LOtC to organise provision for children being competition ready and planning provision for rising sportsmen from KS1

Stoneyholme have taken part in 23 events this year. Examples: Tag Rugby, Football, Cricket, Tennis, Gymnastics, Cluster competitions

Stoneyholme took 9 year 5&6 girls to their first Football tournament. Our pupils showed great determination, enthusiasm and motivation. We won all games in our group which then won us a place in the finals which were held on a different occasion. The KS2 boy’s football team have improved over the last year particularly in confidence outside their own environment, growing and adapting well, playing as a team, showing maturity with both success and disappointment, congratulating other teams on their achievements. Orienteering provided a good opportunity for both individuals and the whole team to solve problems, read map (cross curricular to geography, maths and literacy) Stoneyholme pupils demonstrated excellent independence skills.


PE funding financial breakdown 2015/16: (total funding £9,758)

Burnley Sports Partnership = £3241

Early Morning Football = £2925

BEST Centre = £3592

Total = £9758