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We received £9,431 in Sports Premium from the Government.  We used this to contribute to the Sports Partnership (£3,491) and to fund initiatives, staff training and resources in our school. This money was aimed at improving the provision of P.E. throughout the school and the physical health and wellbeing of our children.


The following is an impact report detailing targets, actions and impact throughout 2013/14 school year.



  • To hire specialist PE teachers or qualified Sports Coaches to work with primary teachers when teaching PE

Internal sports coach appointed 24hrs per week.  Team teaching in key stage 2, covering standards PE and curriculum enrichment.  The sports coach also coordinates and delivers a package of after school activities.


Team teaching has resulted in a 2 way learning environment whereby sports coaches have developed a broader knowledge of the wider curriculum through sport i.e. numeracy and literacy (turning in gymnastics demonstrated links to angles and direction in maths)  It has also up skilled key stage 2 class teachers, who  have gained a broader knowledge of PE requirements including delivery, techniques, and skills, this has resulted in a growing confidence for staff delivery and a marked improvement in children’s abilities in PE.  Individually, children are showing confidence when performing in front of the class, using more refined dexterity skills.  They are also able to talk about their own and others performance, discussing positives and improvements through peer observation.  Children are assessed according to their own ability, looking for ways to progress further.

  • To enhance continued professional development opportunities for teachers in PE and sport

External coaches have been utilised through Burnley Sports Partnership, focusing on gaps in the curriculum and also broadening children’s  experience of sport in the community and in Burnley.


Opportunities for enhancing physical wellbeing

Street Dance

  • Confidence to perform
  • Literacy/new language skills
  • Expressing Emotions and feelings through dance
  • Develop coordination and skills (team and individual)
  • Listening, observing and following instructions


  • Hand, eye coordination
  • New skills i.e. ball handling, rules of the game and discipline(team and individual)
  • Perseverance and resilience, experiencing loss and disappointment, acknowledging people can be better and possibly imitating others to improve
  • Competitiveness
  • Transference  of skills i.e, one particular child, who doesn’t find literacy easy, chose rugby to  write instructions because he felt confident to do so.
  • Seeing sports leaders as positive role models

Multi Skills: (KS1)

  • Developing throwing catching and basic skills for physical development
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Dexterity
  • Team work
  • Following instructions and sequences
  • Developing a competitive spirit
  • To release primary teachers for professional development in PE and sport

Curriculum coordinator for PE attended PE Curriculum 2014 day meeting. 

Cover provided for KS 1&2 teachers to work with Burnley Sport Partnership  SSCO (secondary school coordinator), looking at planning and delivering  PE sessions. The SSCO also provided support for class teachers developing their skills through lesson observations and mentoring


Knowledge of the PE curriculum changes, opportunity to try out new games and networking with other curriculum coordinator.

Class teachers showed greater ability to deliver PE lessons independently following a significant period out of practice

  • To organise sport competitions and increase pupils participation in the school games

Competitions are organised by Burnley Sports Partnership, and school indicates which they take part in.  Stoneyholme have taken part in tag rugby yr 3,4,5 & 6, Netball (high 5, including boys), football, orienteering, cross country, sports hall athletics, and tri golf


Stoneyholme took 10 boys and girls from yr 5 & 6 to the tri golf tournament despite this being a first time experience our children showed great determination, listening to the rules of the competition and won first place overall.  The KS2 boys football team have improved over the last year particularly in confidence outside their own environment, growing and adapting well, playing as  a team, showing maturity with both success and disappointment, congratulating other teams on their achievements.  Orienteering provided a good opportunity for both individuals and the whole team to solve problems, read a map (cross curricular to geography, maths and literacy) Stoneyholme pupils demonstrated excellent independence skills by winning the overall competition.  Despite sports hall athletics not being a key priority, pupils attended and demonstrated dexterity, strength, stamina and perseverance to improve, whilst having fun engaging with pupils from other local schools.

  • To buy quality assured professional development modules or materials for PE and sport

£698 spent updating existing equipment and providing new equipment. This includes new bibs, rounders equipment, various balls, whistles, pumps etc for pupils to have access to a wide variety of sports that can be delivered in school.


Children take pride in sports and articulate that sports leaders value them by providing fun, exciting appropriate equipment and kit.  This has had an impact on their confidence when going to compete with other schools.  New sports introduced i.e. rounders has demonstrated an ability to persevere with hand eye coordination and learning new rules and skills, i.e. throwing, catching and batting.

  • To provide opportunities for pupils to participate in extra-curricular sports clubs after school

Multi skills, football, girls dance, dodgeball, boys street dance, boys and girls netball (high 5) Rugby and tennis have been provided as after school sports clubs across key stage 1 & 2

160 individual pupils across both key stages have attended after school sports clubs.  This equates to 39% of the schools population.  Impact is as detailed above


  • To participate in School Sport Crews and Young Ambassador programs

Sports Crew selected by class peers, 1 per class key stage 2 and 2 sports ambassadors, attending meetings and carrying out consultation

Pupils have been trained as playtime leaders and now provide games and activities for years 1 & 2 at playtimes, this has shown some aspiring leadership qualities and maturity.  Confidence to engage with younger pupils has increased over the last 4 months.  Consultation carried out has resulted in the whole school having a greater voice in the sports delivery in school.  The 10 crew members are also well on their way towards achieving their bronze leadership award, this national leadership qualification will be continued throughout primary and into high school.  Children wear their sports crew purple jumpers around school with pride, behaving responsibly and looking after kit.